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Living in the Big City.

My name is Samantha and I work in PR/Social Media. I moved to the city – NYC – to grow my client base and work with various brands. I believe that how a brand approaches Social Media says a lot about who they are (what they care about) and how much they care about getting new customers and business. My friend’s recommendations are highly valued, and that’s why I’m trying out beds. After moving here, I ordered a memory foam mattress from Amazon and realized it wasn’t going to last more than a couple months before losing its shape.

I’m single, so my bed is my own personal sanctuary…unless someone else is sleeping over. I have problems getting to sleep at night – I get too cold but when I have a guest staying over (single and dating haha) I find that I get really hot. I’ve been called a “space heater” even. Taking one for the team on this and testing out beds to save everyone else from the pain (physically and mentally) of sorting through the bed marketing and getting to the truth of just how each bed compares to the others.

A Little Bit About Me.

Outside of work, I am a girly girl and have realized how difficult it is to have a relationship in the city. I love fashion, champagne, SPA days, flowers, design, and dating. I’m a Scorpio and am obsessed with finding the meaning of things through palm readings, horoscopes, psychics and can sense energy from others. It sounds a little weird, but very often I find that my life aligns with what my horoscopes say. I go on dates frequently, but it’s tough to find a guy in the city who understands someone who has just moved – it’s been such a big adjustment for me. I found it is hard to be as health conscious when working from my desk at lunch and been just as difficult to find time to hit the gym and balance dating, work, sleep, and taking care of myself. Welcome to my quest to find my own perfect place to rest my head, body, and hopefully a place for my future boyfriend (fingers crossed!) to sleep next to me. ?