Casper Mattress Review

Casper Mattress Review

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Firmness and Support:

The Casper was not as firm as I had expected it to be. The mattress has three layers: latex foam on the top, memory foam in the middle, and a base layer that supports the mattress overall. While I expected it to be less memory foam in feeling, it was still softer at the edges of the bed, especially when sitting near the edge. I let the bed air out for a couple of days before I slept on it because I was sensitive to the smell and wanted to let it air out a bit. When on a platform base and sleeping in the middle of the bed, I had no issues with firmness. When placing something on the bed’s edges or having another in bed, the edges and the middle seemed less supportive and firm that I had expected since one of the major areas of focus on their marketing. One of the marketing mailers I received before purchasing the bed had a customer quote that said, Like sleeping on a brioche. Curiously, I looked up how Brioche was described, and I suppose it’s similar to saying you would sleep on a croissant or a French pastry with a tender crumb. That’s probably an accurate description because the middle of the bed was more supportive than the edges which seemed to bend and “crumble” to weight or an extra body in the bed. Anyone who likes a bit more medium-firm or a bit more “spring” to a bed might have to make major adjustments in getting used to sleeping on a Casper.


The smell of the bed was stronger than expected, which seems to be the case with many of the beds with an emphasis of the fumes not being harmful to health and requiring some time before the smell with dissipate. I took notes while I was opening the bed the first night and wrote “I have a headache, it smells like sour chemicals and nail polish remover.” To be fair, I might have had a headache from the work required in setting up the bed by myself as I mentioned it did require muscles to do on my own. The smell was definitely noticeable though when opening, more so than the bed’s like Tuft & Needle for instance. I cracked the window which helped with the immediate smell and I took and ibuprofen for the headache. As mentioned, I waited a couple days before sleeping on it, so the smell could evaporate.

UPDATE: Casper Bed Smell

The smell did lessen over the course of first week owning the Casper, making the Casper less of an invasion on my apartment. I also lit some scented candles and couldn’t notice as much, especially after I put sheets on. After a month I couldn’t smell the chemical smell when I put my nose to the bed, so those who are sensitive to smells would just need to be patient and give it some extra time.

Coolness v. Warmth

Going along with the “Brioche” idea, it did feel a bit less cool because of the softness and sinking into the bed a bit more. If you sleep alone, the bed would be perfect. I’m personally an edge of the bed sleeper so I can get out of bed easily if needed and can reach my things (glasses, nightstand). Thus, edge support is highly important for me. The Casper was warmer because it was slightly less firm than the medium-firm beds, and I found that with another person next to me, ahem, I tended to roll into him, and couldn’t really roll back to a flat sleeping surface because he was a bit heavier than me. It was a bit like sleeping on a slope with a guy in my bed, but again, this may not be the case for everyone. If I had ordered a King size bed, for example, instead of the Queen size, it might have been a cooler sleeping experience the top layer intended for cooling combined with the middle and bottom support layers would have allowed for more space to spread out.


The cost for a Queen size Casper mattress is $995 with free shipping and Returns. The bed has a risk free 100-day Sleep Trial. Pricing for the bed does not deduct the $100 off included in many mailers and ads found online.

The cost of the original Casper mattress bed was more expensive than competitors falling at $995 for a Queen size mattress, free shipping. Payment plans starting at $56/month.

Casper goes all out on marketing and promotions with their bedding. I by far receive more marketing materials from Casper than like, any other competitor in the mail. Even after I bought the Casper, I kept receiving online advertisements and more mail offers from their general mailings. On piece of mail compared the bed to sleeping on a brioche (referenced above, haha) and offered a $100 off on a new mattress. Even with the $100 off for the Casper, it is a more expensive bed than the competitors. For the Casper’s Queen bed, it was $950 with free shipping and returns, and a risk-free 100-day sleep trial. In NY, there is also a same day delivery option (in New York City) for an additional $150 and if selecting this option, Casper delivery people (I don’t know if they actually work for Casper) will remove your previous mattress as an added benefit that is included in this delivery fee. Otherwise normal delivery (not the same day option) with the removal of your old mattress is a total of $75.00. That’s fairly reasonable because NYC bed pickup is roughly $150 from 1-800-Got-Junk, unless you know someone you can give the mattress to. I didn’t need to have an old mattress removed and did standard shipping (free) and the bed arrived within 2 business days in NY. The bed did not arrive to my front door, unfortunately, but I had some help moving it. One benefit is that Casper does remove the mattress for free if you decide to return the bed within the trial period and setting up that process was pretty seamless.


Ordering the Casper was pretty quick and seamless. An email address is required, even for guest checkout and they prohibit anonymous email addresses to continue if you’re simply curious about hidden fees or add-ons before providing personally identifiable contact information.


The bed was delivered in a box within 3 business days of ordering. The NY location likely impacted the quick delivery as Casper offers 1-day shipping in New York City and Casper also has a retail store location here in the city. The mattress in a box was not actually delivered to my door – only up a flight of stairs – but that door-to-door delivery seems to be at the discretion of the partnerships for delivery and the people delivering the beds/who is working for the delivery company that day (UPS, FEDEX). I was surprised in a non-doorman building that signature was not required to ensure that I received the bed.


In less than ten minutes on customer support someone picked up bed next day through 1-800-Got Junk. I needed to email a receipt for the pickup if I wanted to refund to my account expeditated. They scheduled the pick-up, 1-800-Got-Junk confirmed within a two-hour time period half an hour before pickup and took overall 30 seconds before it was out of my apartment.

3. Selecting a Bed and the Ordering Process

Whenever I make a purchase, I always check out the customer service and social media presence of a brand to see how active a brand is, what customers are saying, and to find the fastest approach to have questions answered.

Support Summary:

If trying to reach a Casper representative for support or answers to questions, their website Live Chat and Customer Service provides the fastest response time in my experience.

While Casper has Facebook Live chat which takes about 3-4 minutes for response time (I was unsuccessful using this) and Twitter but stick with the site or call for the fastest answers to specific questions.

Research and Resources from Social Media:

Casper’s Twitter

Casper’s representatives on Twitter are very active and responsive to Tweets – usually within an hour or two. When people are going to Twitter for quick solutions rather than calling customer support lines, this can be rather convenient. That said, Casper’s dial-in support was quick as well, so they seem to be ready to help and assist customers. A major pro with such a big investment.

Overall, there Twitter is fairly active. They post branded tweets 2-3 times a day. When customers or people Tweet about Casper, the response time is relatively quick, with response times as low as within the hour.

Response time to positive quotes like one woman who Tweeted “Casper is the best” regarding a duvet (she didn’t own a mattress) received a response within one hour with a Justin Timberlake GIF. The interaction was back and forth, 10 tweets in total throughout the day over the span of three hours. That’s pretty attentive correspondence and spoke to a playful brand voice that doesn’t take itself too seriously (not many companies are so ready to post GIFs of celebrities).

They utilize Twitter as a communication source with customers considering buying a Casper mattress as well, encouraging people who comment on those posting about having a Casper to buy a bed: “do it, do it, do it” (see photo below).

Regarding negative comments on the bed, they are quick to refer others to address concerns with the bed. The following is an example of one of Casper’s tweets and a customer who isn’t happy…

When a customer says something negative about Casper or has an issue with the bedding, the complaints get referred to a link on Casper’s site ( to general help rather than a personalized Direct Message (DM). As noted above, calling Customer Support was fast and I imagine will answer any concerns or questions faster than the website.

Casper Tweet Screen shot | Sleep Du Jour
Casper Tweet Screen shot | Sleep Du Jour
Casper Tweet Screen shot | Sleep Du Jour

Casper’s Instagram

Casper’s Instagram is well branded – featuring the dog bed’s (which I was not aware that the company made) and images that are brand consistent. Casper has over 100,000 followers on Instagram which shows they have a solid market of Casper bed owners or those who want a Casper. Casper’s Instagram is primarily about branding and less about sales and customer service/interaction than the Twitter account.

Casper Instagram Screen shot | Sleep Du Jour

Casper’s Facebook Page

Casper’s Facebook page has a live chat option and says that they “typically respond instantly” to the live chat function/messaging option. Tested the live chat functionality to see if they responded to Facebook messages rather quickly. After waiting 3-4 minutes I closed the chat and will update the post once I receive a response*. There website has a live chat functionality and I did get a quick response to my inquiries there.

*Update: I never received a response from live chat.

Casper Facebook Screen shot | Sleep Du Jour

The Casper Website And Ordering:

Website Live Chat

Live chat experience with Casper on selecting the proper bed for me was great. Within 16 minutes I was able to learn about the bed’s firmness, return policy, and the person I was talking to was extremely sincere. She even told me how long it would likely take to receive the bed and it felt like I was talking to a real person who worked for the company rather than an outsourced customer service representative. The representative was to the point and did not make much small talk which is good for efficiency when customers have questions and need guidance.

Website Information

The website does a good job of answering most question surrounding the mattress, and whatever questions remain, Live Chat customer service or the phone support can answer quickly.

Ordering The Casper

Ordering the Casper online was pretty quick and seamless. The Website is clear about their mattress types and the purchasing process was as simple as selecting the desired bed – I ordered “The Casper” signature mattress which is their most popular mattress, selected a delivery option, and typed location and credit card information. Casper does also offer financing options for those who may not have immediate resources to pay for a bed or want to pay over time. I did background research to learn a little bit more about Casper and see what other people were saying and gather information about what sets Casper apart from other beds (in the Social Media and Support reviews above).

Ordering the bed was easy and before I hit the purchase button, the Live Chat representative reassured me about the 90-day return policy. The bed was delivered quickly (3 days after I ordered it) and required two people to get it into my apartment. I opened the bed by myself…get ready to see the Casper bed experience!

4. The Big Sleep Experience: Sleeping with my Casper Bed


Opening the bed required two hands and some muscle work. The bed began to expand very quickly, and I had to unfold it into two parts. There were no indicators of where to “undo” the bed from a standpoint of taking the plastic off. I didn’t know which side of the bed was up, but the instructions Casper sent with the bedding said specifically that only one side of the Casper bed is meant for sleeping on. That means it is important to have the right side up before it expands as the bed did get quite heavy while moving it. The Casper mattress is not a mattress you flip to use both sides like some mattresses due to their cooling layer, foam layer, and support layer, so setting it up right before it expands will save some energy.

Check out the video of the opening experience and note that I did open this on my own. It would have been much easier with the help of a friend or neighbor (or boyfriend).

Opening the Casper Bed Photos

Opening the Casper Bed Video

Opening video 1

Opening video 2

Opening video 3

Opening video 4

Opening video 5

Sex Bounce:

The sides of the bed felt like one of those dreams where you are falling and feel like you might roll off of the bed. Hahaha, I know the video is cute, but if you have to walk over someone else or crawl over them because one side of the bed is against a wall (again, New York city apartment problems when it comes to space and bedding) you might impact their sleep or fail to balance in efforts to crawl over them like a ninja.

The firmness of the bed was not as strong as I would have liked toward the edges. The edges of the bed were a bit like putting a brick on the edge of a marshmallow. When sitting on my knees (to say my nightly prayers, haha) I realized that certain positions would be tough…like doggy style would sink me down a couple inches and likely either make for reduced “motion in the ocean.” Imagine playing twister on a sponge or the “brioche” mentioned earlier and you’ll get what I mean – support was a little bit… soft. ?

Male Sleepover on the Casper

I had a sleep over with a date that went well, and we quickly determined that – due to him being almost double my weight – that he was more comfortable in the middle of the bed as the edges didn’t have the same stability and firmness factor. I was a bit of a *cuddler* with that night, which was a little problematic because I woke up hot and moved away toward the outer size of the bed (I was sweating which doesn’t feel sexy when you’re spending a night with someone for the first time). Granted, this was a Queen size bed so having a King size Casper would likely change the experience of sleeping with another person considerably…but in NY, a Queen size bed seems to be the norm as bedrooms are tiny and space is valuable.

UPDATE: Male Feedback about sleeping on Casper mattress
I asked my sleepover date what they thought of the Casper as they were getting ready to leave in the morning and the following feedback was given, “A bit too soft and super warm because you kept rolling into me and became a space heater. Whenever I moved from the middle of the bed to the edge to “escape you” (eye roll), I felt like I might roll off. I prefer a firmer bed.” To each their own, I don’t think this guy was big on cuddles while sleeping, so I will likely not continue to date him…it’s important to feel comfortable sleeping with a partner. A couple upstairs in my building own a Casper, though, and they love it. I think it ultimately comes down to a matter of how soft the bed is, the size, and if you mind getting too warm or sleeping at the edge of a bed.

Wine/Cocktail Stability – The Booze Bottle Test – The Tipsy Test

I tested the ability for a 1.75 bottle of vodka to stay upright on the bed. Let’s be honest, everyone has passed out with an open bottle of water or placed something on their bed only to have it tip.

The Casper bed is on the softer side rather than the firm side, so the bottle did not pass the Tipsy test and stay upright.

5. Return Process And Comments

Return Process:

Returning the bed was quick and easy. I called customer support and they asked how long I had given “The Casper” a trial period. After about a month, I knew the bed was a bit too soft for me. They asked what kind of a frame I was using – and emphasized that a platform frame can make a big difference. Beyond that, they set up an appointment the next day for someone to come pick up the bed and donate it (1-800-GOT-JUNK picked it up) or take it back. No need to worry about re-boxing or anything…it was picked up and gone within an hour of the estimated time-frame.


I followed up on the website before writing to ensure my pricing was accurate and want to point out something that made me smile. Casper makes the claim “We’re America’s #1 Rated Mattress Brand*” … I followed the asterisk to find out where they analyzed or took this data point or claim from. Want to know the source? Here it is:

Casper is “America’s #1 Rated Mattress Brand* […]*According to the leading independent consumer publication.

This citation is supposed to indicate a measurement of importance and indicate credibility. Out of pure curiosity I googled what the top consumer publications were or what consumer publication meant. Essentially a consumer magazine has a really general public and a large audience like the publications Good Housekeeping and People magazine. People is not considered “specialized” because it doesn’t just focus on house décor. Advertisers and brands pay a large fee to showcase their products so they jump off of the page. Not all consumer magazines or publications are distributed nationally.

Thus, Casper’s cited source could be a paid for statement or claim, and/or featured as “America’s #1 Rated Mattress Brand” within an ad within the publication. Lesson: Come on, just say where or provide a link to the source! “The Difference Between Consumer and Trade Magazines”.