Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar Mattress Review

$125 OFF

$125 off + Two Premium Pillows Free when you purchase a mattress ($275 Value).

Nectar Mattress |

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2. Mattress Review: The Skinny

Firmness and Support:

This mattress has spring but not bounce. It is firm compared to the Casper, Tuft & Needle, and even a bit firmer than the Tomorrow Medium-firm bed. It seems to be the thickest of all of the mattresses I have tested so far, especially in the firmness of the sides as well, so standard sheets might not work (deep-fitted sheets probably would). It seemed to expand and become firm within minutes of opening it from the bags. I was excited to sleep on it because I prefer a firmer mattress with breathability.


The smell was noted in the guide pamphlet as possibly not being the most pleasant and to give the bed up to three days to allow the smell to dissipate. I like that Nectar is acknowledging that there is a smell and points out that the smell is not dangerous to human health.

Coolness v. Warmth

Nice and firm and cool enough for me to cuddle and not notice when he turned or pushed me away after I fell asleep. The tufted mattress cover and multiple quilted top with the diamond shape crisscrosses seem to be the most complex cover of the bed tops so far. The sewing between the top and the sides of the bed frame is solid with no frays or strings hanging. The bed was a bit uneven when it was first expanding and I expect that this will level out over time.

The tufted cover and multiple quilted top with diamond shape crisscrosses seem to be the most complex cover of the bed tops so far. The sewing between the top and the sides is solid with no frays or strings, but a bit uneven as it may still be expanding.


Currently the website prices: $725 for a Queen size mattress on the Nectar sleep website down from $850 for a queen size Nectar bed. I paid $696.80 total for a queen size mattress +2 free Nectar pillows + New York sales tax (at 4%) bringing it up to $696.80. The price seems to have gone up since early in 2018 (January). Shipping was delayed for over a month and two weeks either because they oversold or they had a mistake on their transactional element of the site. I noted that the bed was made in China, so perhaps the production time and turn-around time takes a little longer than the other bed-in-a-box mattresses that are made to order and also made in America versus overseas. They did include the following disclaimer when I orginally ordered the bed: “Due to high demand, orders placed today will ship on or before Jan 1st. We appreciate your patience – Please enjoy $125 off your full priced purchase, plus two free NECTAR pillows when you order today. Offer expiring soon!*”

Was less expensive than other bedding companies with seasonal discounts and the included two free pillows, however, the price seems to fluctuate significantly over time with each various size and bedding features and bonuses like free pillows. The shipping time and the fact they charged my credit card for over 6 weeks and did not respond to my emails on the status of the order or deliver made the cost seem a lot higher as I was paying off a credit card for something I had not received.


The Nectar bed that I ordered was not shipped until some point after mid-February and I did not receive it for several additional weeks.

Tomorrow also offers a monthly payment plan in place for those who want to “pay over time” using “Klarna” (this is the first I’ve seen Klarna) and that definitely makes the cost affordable with the 1-year trial period.


It was very easy to order but the tracking information was extremely inconsistent. No one responded to my order inquiries and it was incredibly frustrating because I even received abandon cart emails after I had completed a purchase transaction – I felt so crazy that I double checked my credit card and even realized I had an order confirmation in my inbox prior to the multiple abandoned cart messages. About four weeks after ordering the bed the a c-level exec sent out an email which I imagine went to the entire email list (transactional or not) thanking everyone for understanding their start-up nature and delays, etc. I was frustrated enough by this point that I responded to the C-Level’s email and never received a response back (even though I am 99 percent certain the email welcomed people to contact him).


The bed was delivered in a huge hot-dog-shaped-NBA size bag…it looked like a duffle bag for a triple than human-size Nathan hotdog. I’ll just be candid and say that the package was delivered wet and filthy on the nylon-cloth-esque exterior – I’m not sure if that was waterproof or not. It smelled like cat pee and the whole thing looked like a giant body bag for someone 6 feet and/or that was slightly taller than 6 feet. There was tape around the big laundry clasp outer opening. Honestly, my neighbor who helped me bring the wet, cat-pee smelling “package” up a flight told me it looked like a giant penis/condom package. It was labeled “Nectar” on the outside, though…so I wasn’t afraid to bring the bed inside, simply wondering how long it had been in stagnant water and if the mattress itself had been damaged.

This is what the Nectar mattress looks like to the serene woman opening it so casually on their website.

This is what it looked like after my neighbor took a picture giving a toast to the giant phallic looking “package” so eloquently wrapped with “transparent” tape… either than woman is extremely tall as in a standard entry-doorknob is the equivalent as the height of her knee, or Nectar has changed their packaging/she received a baby version of the bed. The standard Queen size bed is at least as tall as her head if I’m being honest…which I am after I became the neighbor with the wet dick package.

Nectar Mattress Delivery |
Nectar Mattress Delivery |

Here is a tall kid and their actual height compared to Nectar packaging per Nectar’s Instagram.

Nectar Mattress Delivery |

Wow! That’s a Big Bed!


I cannot speak to this. I gave the Nectar to a homeless organization after I didn’t receive information on what to do with the bed I tried to cancel order for, tested giving them the benefit of the doubt, was surprisingly happy with, but never received any response or information on how to return it.

3. Selecting a Bed and the Ordering Process

Whenever I make a purchase, I always check out the customer service and social media presence of a brand to see how active a brand is, what customers are saying, and to find the fastest approach to have questions answered.

Support Summary:

Live Chat on Site

Not available.

Facebook Chat

Typically replies within a few hours.

Research and Resources from Social Media:

Nectar’s Twitter

Nectar’s Twitter They utilize Facebook to put out pictures, market, have customer or polls from Twitter users. The engagement rate isn’t very high, though.

Nectar’s Instagram

Nectar’s Instagram features a lot of diverse and happy families sleeping on the bed. I do appreciate the diversity, it seems and comes across as entirely sincere and representative of the American demographic/melting pot of diversity in NYC. LOVE THAT. However, they do use a lot of American flags which is somewhat strange given the one fact that makes them different than many competitors…they are manufactured in China.

Nectar’s Facebook Page

As I revisit my Nectar experience in writing this, I am so happy to see that they now have established a Facebook presence that usually responds within a couple of hours as opposed to “never.”
Nectar’s Facebook


The only site who has YouTube linked to it:
Nectar’s Youtube

Make America Sleep Again? Eye roll. Instead of making videos, respond to customers. ?
Watch Video
Props to them for 2.5 million commercial views, though. And for funny marketing.

4. The Big Sleep Experience: Sleeping with my Nectar Bed


Opening the bed was not super hard once I got the first exterior laundry like bag off of it and unzipped the second layer where a duffle bag held the plastic roll Queen bed. It took about 20 minutes total to get everything out and allow the bed to start deflating, easy, albeit scary about what had happened inside of the two cloth bags. I do like that they had tried an alternative shipping method than boxes as boxes are harder to lug around and may be way larger than necessary when holding a compressed bed. That said, I didn’t know if I could recycle the bags (not re-use, they were both too dirty for that) or what purpose the bags could serve creatively or as a useful storage vessel after opening…seemed wasteful just to throw them both away.

Opening the Nectar Bed Videos

Opening the Nectar Bed Photos

Sex Bounce / Support / Sexability:

This is the complete ideal firmness for sex. This mattress has spring but not bounce. It is firm compared to the Casper, Tuft & Needle, and even a bit firmer than the Tomorrow Medium-firm bed. It seems to be the thickest in height on the sides of the bed as well, so standard sheets probably wouldn’t work to completely protect the Nectar mattress. It seems like a solid bed even minutes after opening it. I’m actually excited to sleep on this one because I prefer a bit of a firm mattress with breathability.

Video of pajama feet

As you can see by the video of the pajama feet, the bed is incredibly stable with my weight in full force and does really even indent or show “sink” or “dent” when I walk across the top of it. I was really impressed by this since it didn’t feel like a firm mattress when I slept on it at night…it felt really good and supportive on my back. I really liked the grid-like design as well as that seemed to focus any push-points to one area within the design.

Male Sleepover on the Nectar:

My male sleepover I’ve been dating said he would buy the bed because it has good back support and doesn’t sink too much and the warranty is good enough. He did mention that the waiting time I experienced with shipping would annoy him and he probably would have cancelled the order before it arrived, too.

Wine/Cocktail Stability – The Booze Bottle Test – The Tipsy Test

I tested the ability for a 1.75 bottle of vodka to stay upright on the bed. Let’s be honest, everyone has passed out with an open bottle of water or placed something on their bed only to have it tip.

The Nectar bed is firm enough that the bottle did not easily tip and it DID PASS the TIPSY TEST and stay upright.  I would completely trust a glass of water on the bed and moving around without having a spill.


I paid $696.80 and had two free pillows included in the price for the Nectar, along with a disclaimer surrounding delays with delivery time due to demand. Shipping was massively delayed beyond any expectations with a disclaimer perhaps because they oversold? Perhaps the bed is made-to-order in China and they had a delay at the factory or issues during the holiday season and into the first half of 2018? I wrote to customer service and even the CEO of the company and never received a response surrounding where my bed was or how I could cancel my order until they caught up with inventory. I had already cancelled my order and despite cancelling it via my credit card (I could not reach customer service) the bed was delivered a week after I had cancelled. When it came to a return, I donated it to a friend who recently moved after having another child and was looking to get a new bed. He was happy with the quality and the comfort of the bed (I would agree it is comfortable)…I just wish that I had an answer from Nectar or indication as to what/where/how I could properly place the bed in accordance to their policies. On this one, I have to shrug…I really have no idea what happened or why I did not have an answer or explanation.