Tomorrow Mattress Review

Tomorrow Mattress Review

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(The Tomorrow Sleep Mattress by new brand Tomorrow Sleep owned by parent company Serta Simmons Bedding)

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Firmness and Support:

The Tomorrow Hybrid Mattress or the Tomorrow offers two different options when selecting a bed to buy: medium soft or medium firm. I love that they offer customers a clearer version of whether the bed will be softer v. a firmer version of the bed, which is the most popular. The coils in the bed make the overall balance and weight evenly spread, seemingly all the way to the edges of the bed. I do not feel a sinking feeling when I stand up on the bed unless I am stepping within 5-6 inches of someone who is sleeping next to me and I am just jumping over them to grab something. It has a nice bounce to it that does not feel like you are stuck or in quicksand if kneeling or turning into a different sleep position or other 😉 kind of position. The center of the bed seems as stable as the edges as did items that I placed on the bed and tested how much they moved. Overall, most of my stuff stayed put exactly as it was. I was impressed by the firmness fact of the Tomorrow medium firm mattress and expect it will continue to hold its quality over time.

UPDATE: Firmness & Support from guests

The feedback is always positive from people sleeping on my bed. I have had guy friends and people visiting NYC sleep on this bed as I kept it longer than the others as a permanent bed between testing for my lofted bedroom and overall, people are big fans of the mattress. I found out that my friend from Spain slept on the Queen size with his mother and sister and all slept perfectly in the middle a warm-streak in the New York City summer. There were no complaints about being too hot (too cold would be the most common feedback, haha) and it is one of my favorite beds for guests to experience.


The smell is average - not pleasant or appealing, but not bad enough to give me a headache or force me to open windows. It seemed to go away within an hour of opening the bed up. By the time I had brought the packaging out to recycle it, the smell was gone; I did not even notice it when I came back inside my apartment even.

Coolness v. Warmth

The Tomorrow is one of the cooler beds that I have tried. When I first received my Tomorrow, I did not immediately put sheets on it. It sleeps cool due to the memory foam top layer and its bounce and the weave of the mattress cover. I did end up putting on a mattress protector because I did not want a spill or any accidents to occur and ruin the integrity or sanitation of the bed (my guests use my Tomorrow queen size mattress when they visit) so I decided that the trade-off was worth it. The coolness is obviously a little bit less obvious once a waterproof mattress cover was added, but not one single person who has stayed over has mentioned it slept hot or that the temperature was an issue in the summer or other seasons.


Tomorrow is a fair price for the hybrid nature of the mattress and the long-standing reputation of their parent company Serta Simmons Bedding. There are discounts found online and a Queen size bed can be tried for a full year (365 days!) and returned for any reason within that time period. I would say that is a risk-free trial and a bed that pays for itself.

The Queen size bed for Tomorrow is listed on their site at various prices; $775 for the Tomorrow Hybrid mattress a Queen size…then a second option allows the choice for “Medium Soft” or “Medium Firm” and when selecting one, the price goes to $990 with a strike-thru discount to $915 total for the Tomorrow mattress. Shipping is free with a White-Glove delivery option in certain areas (New York City is one of the areas Tomorrow offers this service) for $75. When selecting the White-Glove service option, the bed is delivered by non-traditional carriers (not UPS, not FedEx) who bring the bed to your place, remove your previous/old mattress, set up the bed, and take away the box and packaging for recycling. That is a cheap price considering New York's regulations on bed disposal and that landlords and buildings get charged fees for disposing of beds, especially when not done properly. From my experience opening so many beds, the White Glove option is definitely worth it, but not necessary if you have a friend or do not have to lift the bed up flights of stairs or multiple levels. Once the bed is inside your home or apartment, the box relatively easy to move (pushing it is do-able) …and the mattress, when out of the box but still compressed in the bag, is even easier to roll or lift to the desired location. There is a recycling fee for three states, but the beds are actually recycled, and all bedding companies should be charging for it where it is required.

The Tomorrow hybrid mattress price is $990 with a strike through discount that brings it to $915. At checkout, I googled Tomorrow Sleep Coupons” and found one for $125 off. I was stoked to get another $125 off since it would bring the price way down before taxes! However, once I entered the code, the POS system cancelled the $915 price and subtracted $125 from the $990 amount with a total of $865 before delivery or tax. It's $50 cheaper, still, but they should say upfront that they do not accept more than one discount or promotional code in combination with any discounted prices on-site.



I did go back to the homepage after ordering and they did say that the $75 off was a limited period of time and could not be combined with other offers.

Tomorrow also offers a monthly payment plan in place for those who want to pay over time” using Klarna” (this is the first I’ve seen Klarna) and that definitely makes the cost affordable with the 1-year trial period.


Market Value:

The price for the Tomorrow hybrid mattress falls within $100-200 range of the bed in the box industry for the top bed's I've been reviewing like Casper, Nectar, Leesa, Tuft & Needle, Purple and more. While some are less expensive, this one is in fact a hybrid from a parent company (Serta Simmons Bedding) brand that has existed much longer (especially when compared to the newer brands who are not guaranteed to stay in business even to fulfill their warranties), the Tomorrow bed is a fair price and a safe long-term investment as the company has proven brand quality and now the ability to incorporate new innovative technologies into their products to improve on the mattresses for customer sleep quality and compete within the direct to consumer market that the bed-in-a-box boom has created. Their trial sleep period also is way more extensive than a 100-night trial…they have a Sleep Guarantee”! They offer a 365-day trial period. At the end of the year-long period if the Tomorrow purchase does not make a customer 100% happy, you return it without questions. If living in a city like New York, the $75 white glove delivery option is recommended given the savings in time, physical energy, and not having to deal with the disposal of an old mattress (to have an old mattress picked up, 1800 Got Junk charges customers $125-150+). I give the cost for tomorrow and the overall market value 4.5 for these reasons. Note: While Glove¬¬ upgrade fees are all broken down on the cart/checkout page on if you go this route.


I wish that live chat had been available to answer some of my questions when I was ordering, but I was able to find the answers to my questions by digging a little bit more through the site and its FAQ's.


The bed was delivered in a box within 3 business days of ordering via UPS. Because I had already donated my previous guest mattress to a friend, I did not have to discard of my old mattress. My neighbors helped me get it up the stairs in exchange for a beer. They stayed to watch me open the bed and both of them had never seen a bed in a box expand before. I wish I had it on tape because they acted like the bed was a miracle.


I actually did not return my Tomorrow mattress yet because of the 365-day trial sleep period (and admittedly, I like the bed as guests are so happy with it and it seems to please everyone), but when I planned to do so for purposes of analyzing the company, the process took less than ten minutes and scheduling the return was easy and without any pushy or intrusive questions.

3. Selecting a Bed and the Ordering Process

Whenever I make a purchase, I always check out the customer service and social media presence of a brand to see how active a brand is, what customers are saying, and to find the fastest approach to have questions answered.

Support Summary:

If trying to reach a Tomorrow representative or support staff member for answers to questions, the website has a messaging option to reach customer service but also appears that the live chat option (like some of the others) is not available 24/7. You enter your name and email address and message regarding your question/comment/concern, etc. and they get back to you I imagine once someone is working during office hours. I messaged at 9 AM on a Saturday morning and received this auto-response via the Tomorrow site:

Tomorrow’s Live Chat

As mentioned above, Tomorrow does offer a live-chat option but it is likely during normal business hours as I got an auto-responder and had to provide an email address. I wonder if the responses to these questions ever go to spam or if they actually meet the eyes of bed-buying prospects (I buy things on Saturday mornings which is why I say the live chat was not available).

Facebook Chat

Tomorrow Sleep Facebook account responds within a few hours as per Facebook's response time algorithm.

Research and Resources from Social Media:

Tomorrow’s Twitter

Tomorrow's Twitter actually contains a ton of interesting articles and posts surrounding sleep. One article example is “Do you dream in Internet?”

Tomorrow’s Instagram

Tomorrow's Instagram is duplicated when it posts automatically to their Facebook page. It's a neat mix of people, art, nostalgic and retro feeling images, and beds/people in the beds. Instagram Link

Tomorrow’s Facebook Page

Tomorrow syncs its post with Instagram automatically, so there were duplicates of many of the posts. There were a lot of potential customers asking questions like Do ya'll provide military discounts” and people just giving positive feedback surrounding their Tomorrow experience. Facebook Link

Website Live Chat

See the Support Summary

Website Information

Tomorrow Sleep has a massive body of information and even a magazine that features content helpful to health and wellness. The categories in the magazine are: sleep, heal, play, in bed with, education center. From deep sleep meditation to whether sleeping to relaxing music is helpful, the articles are interesting and definitely add to the long-standing knowledge base Tomorrow has as a child of Serta Simmons Bedding.




4. The Big Sleep Experience: Sleeping with my Tomorrow Sleep Bed


The bed is a bit heavier than the all-foam competitors, because it has coils in addition to the pure-memory foam models (aka it's a real hybrid and for this price, it is like a luxury option – which makes me think it is more along the lines of an equivalent to Leesa’s Sapira model or Tuft & Needle’s Mint). When I asked customer service about this comparison with Sapira, they told me that Leesa outsources their manufacturing for the Sapira and the coils and memory foam are not the same type in quality as the hybrid Tomorrow Sleep offers. I think that outsourcing manufacturing for the higher luxury end bed does also make me wonder about long-term viability of the newer direct to consumer mattress brands in a way that I had not considered before. The quality of the product and the coils provide the bed with more longevity as the firmness, bounce, and layers in the manufacturing process are made to last and with the same quality that the parent company Serta Simmons bedding I known for. However, I would say the bed only felt heavier when setting it up when it was inside of the bulky box, the box was bigger than the plastic wrapped bed, and it is much easier to carry and lift a bed in plastic than it is the large box that was very tall horizontally and the handles were not in the right places for my small hands and body to carry the box easily.

Opening the Tomorrow Bed Videos

Opening the Tomorrow Bed Photos

Sex Bounce / Support / Sexability:

Because of the firmness and the hybrid layers, the bounce for hanky-panky is great. I didn't sink at all or feel stuck when next to someone awake and frisky, or when sleeping. People wonder about flipping foam mattresses and the Tomorrow hybrid bed should not be flipped because of the coils on the bottom of the memory foam layers. The memory foam should always be on top. I thought about if the bounce might eventually start to give way like some mattresses do. However, customer support assured me that the bed does not need to be flipped because the durability and quality of the bed is backed by the Serta Simmons Bedding 10-year warranty. I was familiar with Serta Simmons Bedding because they’ve been around forever. I looked it up to find out how long… 85 years manufacturing beds and North America’s largest bedding manufacturer with “unparalleled expertise” on sleep science and mattress manufacturing. Reading statements like that really make me feel like the quality of the mattress is in the product by default, making it a true luxury product and one of the biggest players in the bedding market.


Video of pajama feet

As you can see from the Pajama feet videos there is some sink but for the most part it bounces and moves based on where the weight is best allocated in accordance to the mattress. It seems to almost move with me in the right way rather than tipping me or tossing me off the bed.

Male Sleepover on the Tomorrow:

I have had more unsolicited compliments on the Tomorrow hybrid mattress than any other bed I have tested (Casper, Tuft & Needle, Nectar, Leesa, Purple, +). The fact it is firmer than other mattresses at the edges without having to upgrade to a higher price-point model is a definite bonus. In fact, this is perhaps the only other bed besides the Nectar that I could put an obese baby on the edge of without worry of a humpty-dumpty situation. I think the lack solicited feedback surrounding my Tomorrow mattress during a month and a half single period in my life says the most…people commented about how well they slept, inquired about the kind of mattress I had, and didn't mind sleeping at my place because I had a very comfortable bed.

Wine/Cocktail Stability “The Booze Bottle Test” The Tipsy Test

I tested the ability for a 1.75 bottle of vodka to stay upright on the bed. Let’s be honest, everyone has passed out with an open bottle of water or placed something on their bed only to have it tip.

The medium firm Tomorrow mattress did pass the Tipsy test and stay upright for the most part. Even when near the edge of the bed, the bottle titled inward rather than outwards.

I would definitely trust be able to leave a glass on the bed and move around without having it spill.

5. Return Process

I actually did not return my Tomorrow mattress yet because of the 365-day trial sleep period (and admittedly, I like the bed as guests are so happy with it and it seems to please everyone), but when I planned to do so for purposes of analyzing the company, the process took less than ten minutes and scheduling the return was easy and without any pushy or intrusive questions.