Tuft and Needle Mattress Review

Tuft and Needle Mattress Review

If you don’t like it, we offer a full refund and free removal of your mattress to a charity of your choice.

Tuft & Needle Mattress | SleepduJour.com

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Firmness and Support:

Tuft & Needle was actually medium-soft compared to the Casper, but unfortunately the firmness and overall support near the edges of the bed were still not firm enough for me since I do not like the feeling of falling or sinking when nearing the edge of the bed. When I was crawling on the bed my knees really sank into the bed (see video). The center of the bed seemed stable and so did items that were placed on it until movement – then things would tip or sink in rather easily. If you can sleep still like a vampire then the bed might be medium-firm in theory, but I did not like or expect the bed to be this soft. Some people do, my preference is just medium-firm which I believe might also be the majority of people. Also check out the Vodka Test Video – it did hold up a little bit better than the Casper as far as dancing around the bottle to see if could stay upright.


It was stinky, but not as stinky as Casper at first. I think after opening most of these beds, it is pretty standard to expect a little bit of a “chemical” smell when it is first opened…with some Febreze™, candles, and open window and not stuffing your face directly into the mattress, I don’t think it is problematic. Because I am the curious one, I did in fact stuff my face right in the mattress after completing the opening as I was quite exhausted. The verdict: when you put your nose to it, the smell resembles the Casper “nail polish” salon chemical smell at immediate sniff, but it was mostly noticeable the first hour of opening it, and you get used to it pretty quickly. (See Video). It smelled like new car fabric when you sniff it really close.

UPDATE: Bed Smell

Three weeks in the smell of the bed has dissipated completely. I still have not bought a mattress cover, though, and am careful about spills.

Coolness v. Warmth

So this bed was actually pretty warm just like the Casper because the bed has the same type of cover and texture. I wouldn’t say it is necessarily “breathable” without adding a mattress cover and sheets. I did note that the cover of the Tuft & Needle seemed like loose skin on the mattress, like wrinkles that needed to be steamed out or tightened at the hem. The bed also has a sticker that recommends placing a “breathable and moisture resistant” mattress protector because the one that comes with the Tuft & Needle is not waterproof. This is recommended to prolong the life of the bed (See Photo).


Tuft & Needle marketing and promotions – re-targeting in social media was crazy after I purchased the bed. I ended up buying it from Tuft & Needle’s ecommerce site but can also buy from Amazon with free Amazon Prime Delivery.

The cost will vary by state and sales tax. The Tuft & Needle Bed was originally $575 and just over $625 in NY with sales tax. They do charge a recycling fee required in three states. The shipping is free with an estimated shipping time of 1-5 business days and returns are also free. The bed also has a free 100-day trial period to sleep on the mattress and a “money back guarantee.”

The cost of the bed was less expensive than the competitors falling at $575.00 before calculating NY sales tax which was “calculated at checkout” so might change based on state. Total for order the bed in NYC I paid $626.03. Because I didn’t like the additional tax price at the end and no coupons, it is still cheaper than some other beds, so if preferring a bed that is going to arrive quickly and is medium-soft (or way softer than I expected) the value is good. Do note that they collect a Recycling Fee in 3 states, so check with customer service before completing the purchase to make sure it does not apply to your state. If the bed is not satisfactory, they schedule with a local charity and 1-800 Got Junk was able to pick up my bed the next day at no additional cost.

Tomorrow also offers a monthly payment plan in place for those who want to “pay over time” using “Klarna” (this is the first I’ve seen Klarna) and that definitely makes the cost affordable with the 1-year trial period.


Overall it was easy and the website answered most of my questions. Customer Service filled in the gaps that I had in questioning hidden fees and return possibilities.


The bed was delivered in a box like most of the beds and the delivery man carried it to my door (I did not pay additional for this). The estimated arrival date was estimated to be 1-5 business days after the bed is ordered and paid for. Surprisingly, mine arrived within 3 days (two were weekends) of ordering which was impressive given they shipped via FedEx and not directly from a NY store like Casper. I think it was the FedEx guy’s choice to bring it up the stairs and he managed to do it alone.


Returning the Tuft & Needle bed in NY was done by 1-800 Got Junk. Tuft & Needle Customer Service said once the pick-up is confirmed, the reimbursement for the bed starts and to expedite that process, I was provided with an email address to send the pick-up receipt from 1-800 Got Junk, so I could speed up the refund process.

3. Selecting a Bed and the Ordering Process

Whenever I make a purchase, I always check out the customer service and social media presence of a brand to see how active a brand is, what customers are saying, and to find the fastest approach to have questions answered.

Support Summary:

Live Chat on Site

Live Chat was quick and easy. It automatically pops up once clicking into the bed mattress section. An automated message says, “Hi there! Ask about our no-risk, 100-Night In-Home Sleep Trial. 95% of our customers keep their mattress!” Another area of the site they say “19 out of 20 people keep their mattress.”

Facebook Chat

Has a Facebook chat that usually responds within a day (per Facebook’s claim). When typing an inquiry they upsell the companies down alternative comforters. I did not utilize this to make a purchase.

Research and Resources from Social Media:

Tuft & Needle’s Twitter

Used to highlight social influencers, lifestyle posts (dogs, sleeping in, etc.), and highlight other product extensions like sheets and bedding.

Tuft & Needles Instagram

The Instagram isn’t super authentic… if you look at the condition that my Tuft & Needle box arrived in (holes and dirt) v. what others on the feed have, I think there’s been some retouching. They have more followers on IG than on Twitter by far.

Tuft & Needle’s Facebook Page

Customer questions can be sent through the Facebook page and it says that responses usually come back within a day. They also feature sheets and other products to shop within the Instagram page.

The Tuft & Needle Website & Ordering

Website Live Chat

Tuft & Needle’s Website Live Chat was superior to most Live Chat experiences on site. I engaged with the representative to ask about the firmness of the bed and return questions in case it wasn’t firm enough for me. The representative was very knowledgeable about bedding and the Tuft & Needle beds. She did have concern that the bed might be too soft for me if I thought the Casper was also too soft but encouraged me to give it a try and 30-day to 60-day trial. She sleeps on a Tuft & Needle bed and she said it took her about a month to get used to the softness. I also was curious in talking to support about a check-box for a “recycling fee” – apparently in three states there is a recycling fee for removal of an old bed

Website Information

The Tuft & Needle website does a good job in answering questions surrounding why to order a Tuft & Needle, addressing fears about a new mattress, and covers all of the concern issues like memory foam and really focusing on innovation in design. There was almost too much information about the bed when Live Chat and rankings could likely persuade someone to try it out without reading pages of content first. One of the claims they make is incorporating a cooling gel within their foam which makes their cover “extremely breathable to keep [… you] cool.” I thought this was a little misleading only because it doesn’t come with a mattress cover or a mattress protector that is water resistant, so they also recommend buying a protector that is moisture resistant. More on this below (Ordering Process)

Ordering the Tuft & Needle

The Website is clear about the mattress and the qualities that make it different from other beds. Value, innovation, and worry-free guarantees were all highlighted. I mentioned that the tag on the bed did suggest that a water-proof mattress protector is purchased to make the bed last longer. They make it clear in the check-out process through up-selling the bed’s packages – for another $70 before tax you can order “The Protector” for a Queen size bed and apparently receive a 10% discount on the order once sales tax and delivery location is calculated. While at no point during the POS check-out did I get to know if the mattress protector would help with keeping the bed cool or was water-proof (there is no link to the cover from the check-out page) the Live Chat option and window is open the whole time on the lower left, so I could easily ask the service representative. I opted not to buy the cover or pillows or any other items. The checkout was fast requiring only a few clicks until I received an order confirmation.

Tuft & Needle Mattress Tag | SleepduJour.com

4. The Big Sleep Experience: Sleeping with my Tuft & Needle Bed


Admittedly this bed was harder for me to open than most of the other beds. The box I received had some holes in the sides from gaps between the bed and the box. Like other beds, this came in a pre-rolled wrap plastic bags. I had a hard time getting the bed out of the box and used my feet to push the box away while pulling the plastic. I was able only to get the opening in clicks because I needed two hands and feet to get it out. I read the instructions but unfortunately the bed was opened with the wrong side up (I knew because it says Tuft & Needle on the bed surface, much like the little divot holes the Casper bed had (link to this article). It took me all my strength to flip the bed to the proper side, but I will admit that I didn’t break any nails in the process.

Opening the Tuft & Needle Bed Videos

Opening the Tuft & Needle Bed Photos

Sex Bounce / Support / Sexability:

Knees sank into the bed quite a bit, but the bed did not shift off of the frame and there were no gaps between the frame top to bottom except of a little gap at one of the corners. It was longer and bigger than the Casper, so in that sense, the size was nice and seemed to not rock as much but was still very sponge-like. The tag on the bed also says the bed is 100% polyurethane which confused me from the website about their multiple layers and cooling gel, etc. Perhaps it was referring to the bed cover alone.

Video of pajama feet

I will take one for the team here and show just how much sink the bed has. You can form your own judgment, though…some might consider this “stabilizing” rather than sinking. ? My thought is that If a partner moved toward another person within 6-12 inches it would impact that person’s sleep or stability, although the edges of the bed seem firm comparative to some of the softer mattresses

If I was 100% sober I could maybe jump around and dance on the bed without falling over or sinking, but definitely not if I was drunk.

Male Sleepover on the Tuft & Needle:

After a Netflix night with an anonymous and unnamed guy friend 😉 he expressed that this bed was still too soft and too warm. I could not tell the difference between this and the Casper mattress, but he had a Casper at home and thought that there was less “per inch” movement compared to the Tuft & Needle. I had to shove him out the door for a morning work call, so can’t expound on the “per inch” meaning, but he also had a King size bed v. a Queen.

I could tell when my anonymous and unnamed guy friend moved anywhere within 6-12 inches of me. He said the same. We didn’t sleep much, but because we were friends we had a lot to talk about and catch up on since we last hung out. If he had been more than a friend and I had to “sneak out” in the morning, it would have been more difficult to do so without having the mattress move or impact his sleep by shifting around.

Second Different Male Feedback about sleeping on the Tuft & Needle:

I had a great date with a guy who is pretty old-fashioned. His feedback on sleeping (or cuddling) next to me on the Tuft & Needle… “definitely not Grandma’s bed or my college futon.” He likes very firm and what I imagine, not comfortable, sleeping surfaces. He didn’t stay the whole night because I had an early morning and he wanted to avoid NYC rush hour traffic, so I can’t credit him with much except for that if you’re used to a futon or very firm mattress, this is seemingly softer than the Casper mattress original and similar to the Leesa in bounce, so likely one to avoid if you want a firmer mattress “like Grandma’s”…

Wine/Cocktail Stability – The Booze Bottle Test – The Tipsy Test

I tested the ability for a 1.75 bottle of vodka to stay upright on the bed. Let’s be honest, everyone has passed out with an open bottle of water or placed something on their bed only to have it tip.

The Tuft & Needle cocktail/wine test resulted in a less-firm side that would likely spill liquids or disturb a partner for a Queen size bed. I would not prefer to “ninja” my way over someone to get to the bathroom or they might roll off the bed onto the floor or I might just sink into the bed with them at the edge. I’m guessing that an open bottle of something would spill near the edges and movement in a Queen size bed would likely disturb a partner. Overall, I wasn’t super enthused about the edge firmness. Keep in mind I was told when I was ordering that the bed is a medium-soft compared to some firmer bed. It held up the Tipsy Test better than the Casper but still not firm enough for me.

The Tuft & Needle bed is firm until movement within 6-12” inches of pressure, so the bottle was sort of Tipsy and did not completely pass the Tipsy Test and stay upright. Depending on the glass type and location, the tipsiness of objects would vary, but overall I would not trust leaving a glass on the bed and moving around without having a spill all over the mattress.


Returning the Tuft & Needle required only a quick phone-call and I was given a two-hour time slot the next day for pick-up and removal from 1-800 got junk. I was reimbursed quickly. Overall, good customer experience and if you prefer a softer bed surface, this might be an affordable and safe option for you (and I would probably recommend buying their waterproof cover as I imagine it might help with the cooling of the bed and so that the warranty isn’t voided if something spills or the bed does not work out long-term). I do like that they offered a bed mattress cover since some bedding companies recommend having a cover or even say that a mattress protector is necessary to keep the mattress clean and protected and fail to provide options for one that keeps the bed cool or is made from materials endorsed by the bedding company. This was a benefit of the Tuft & Needle – knew that the mattress protector was available for a reasonable add-on price (and without spending forever on a site like Amazon going through mattress protector reviews before buying a mediocre one).